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A breath of Nationalism worldwide

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It is interesting to take a step back and have a look at the boisterous nationalism that is unraveling itself worldwide right before our eyes, even at the dawn of 2017.

Now it is no longer some mirage: for those who still found the idea incredible, Donald Trump has indeed just been sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America. His clarion call to the country had been the need to “make America great again”. For many, this is some sort of euphemism for a reclaim of America to its supposed original ideals, the ousting of illegal immigrants whom Trump indeed referred to as “aliens” at his inauguration, and the upholding of the interest of the United States of America as the sovereign factor at all times.

Theresa May is ushering in a new beginning in Britain after its breathtaking Brexit. There is a rising pulse of Nationalism and a retaking of the country and its sovereignty particularly in trade and immigration.

In Austria, Norbert Hofer of the Freedom Party lost the election by some slight margin. His mantra had been “change” and “make Austria great again!”, akin to his now successful counterpart in the United State.

In the meantime National Front’s Marine Le Pen of France also looks forward to a favourable election in May this year. Her views and those of her party are well known and have indicated the hope for  restoration of the usual ideals of far right politicians and a promotion of absolute nationalism.

Your guess is as good as mine that the world order is going to witness some huge change and policy tilt in the year 2017. This is as obvious as the difference between light and day. For instance, even from this very first day of Trump’s inauguration, the official White House website has already done away with all mention of global warming: very true to the new President’s denial of this claim, as he well indicated during his campaign.

In all these we look on and await if the world would indeed prove itself to have grown  and embrace globalism, with all the experiences it has gone through for thousands of years. Or if it is still fixated in its cocoon of immediate parochial needs. Whereas wisdom teaches us that the interest of the world should be the interest of all. If any part of the body is in pain, no matter how great others parts are doing, all the body is in some serious jeopardy. The brutal wars and confusion in the Middle East and their attendant birth of acute refugee crisis speak volumes about this.

May we, as the great Michael Jackson would preach, “heal the world”, the entire world.

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How 4 girls escaped Boko Haram to end up in Oregon

Image result for times how 4 girls escaped boko haram to end up in oregonGetting a leeway from such a denigrating incarceration and religious brainwashing, you will be amazed what process of growth and maturation these girls will experience in the next few months. Turning a religion into a pure ideology, whatever that religion is, is simply evil. It seeks to dominate, rather than to enlighten and free the soul. I am so happy for the girls. They sure will witness some momentous difference in their lives. May the rest be freed soon and the nation know  enduring peace.

Full story in theTime, How 4 Girls Escaped Boko Haram to End Up in Oregon

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